REALLUSION Troubleshooting Page - fixing all cracks issues

Solutions provided by multiple members - special thanks to regdude213, admiral, Traxmaeus and all others who conotribute. More solutions will be added here.

Video tutorial for installing CC + Iclone 8 + Cartoon Animator 5

HOST BLOCK FILE which you will need. save below code as Host_Block.bat
IF "%OS%"=="Windows_NT" (
SET HOSTFILE=%windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
) ELSE (
SET HOSTFILE=%windir%\hosts

These solutions are not in order. so try pressing CTRL+F and find your problems' solutions bu searching for some specific term or simply go through all these one by one.
You will not need instructions if you simply follow instructions and VIDEO TUTORIAL word to word already given in each download related to CC and iClone. Dont mess with .reg files, dont mess with .bat files. dont mess with any file. tehe
Problem 1 - I am missing content in my character creator program.
Answer: Because you only installed CC and didnt install content pack. Download and install them from this link below:
Problem 2 - I am missing Headshot.
Answer: you have to download and install it, make sure you download compatible versions from
Problem 3 - Headshot is giving watermark.
Answer: because you have to install its watermark FIX, download from below given link.
Problem 4 - trying to use accurig but it's not working. I think it is because of the host file. Is there any fix or a bat file I can use to undo the host block?
Answer: make a copy of the host file to desktop & open the main host file with a note editor. Remove all the lines pertaining to reallusion. After you are done with your internet connection, replace this main host file with the copied one. Don't forget to also disable firewall.
Problem 5 - trying to install the new CC 4 and the setup is saying its finding previous installations on my drive however i wiped everything clean
Answer: Fix it by uninstalling it completely using Revo uninstaller or Appwiz.
Problem 6 - Where to copy the skingen files?
Answer: c:/user/public/public documents/reallusion/reallusion custom folder
Problem 7 - some content for CC and iClone downloaded from VfxMeD.coM are asking for passwords?
Answer: install WinRAR and then open those .rar files requiring passwords, you will see password written on RAR window that opens after double clickin .rar files.
Problem 8 - how can my ass do a clean reinstall of iclone and Character Creator 4?
Answer: If your CC4 & iC8 had an issue which warrants you to wanna do a clean reinstall, actually do the so called "clean" install. Not by just uninstalling & reinstalling those pieces of shit but by completely wiping your registry when doing the uninstall.
Problem 9 - can skingen and headshot plugin be blocked in firewall?
Answer: No
Problem 10 - downloading iclone and CC stuff is giving wrong captcha everyt friggin time?
Answer: close the tab, re open the link or change browser and try again.
Problem 11 - Morph don’t work with some model base , but I don't understand which are trial and which are not, inside iclone appear The watermark after import My model Made in cc4
Answer: The headshot morph 1000+ sliders are not made for CC4 so the item forms trial on the character.

Problem 12 - does anyone have a solution for this problem? the characters etc are grayed out and the windows icon does micro loading
Answer:Replace with the 11gb contents. Copy to reallusion template location & in the program dropdown "sync installed assets" no internet required.
Problem 13 - i blocked it from firewall but it still gets internet connection and shuts off and the content browser dont work
Answer: You didn't block it correctly in firewall, if you did, it will work & you won't need to block in host. Anyway, host block is just copy & paste or double click to auto input. Block in firewall guide is everywhere online but to get the smart content manager running after install,
follow the pinned guide "CC4 instructions" & download the "host block" bat file
Problem 14 - i open the software and open headshot, upload a picture but whileprocessing it asks me for CC3 textures does anyone know why?
Answer: your ass forgot to install textures.
Problem 14 - I got the motions on Vfxmed, my version is 8.11 and its not a trial version, I have purchased original iclone from Reallusion but all other pirated content works fine.. This character on which I used the animation is default character but i tweaked it using sliders..
Answer: you're f.
Problem 15 - confused on how to block host im i not suppose use notepad
Answer: use the host block file at the top of this page.
Problem 16 - can I use iClone 7 motions on iClone v8?
Answer: If you wanna use the motions on iC8 default characters, then you have to pass the motions through iC7
Problem 17 - files were create din previous version of iClone error.
Answer: you click yes to update the motion.
Problem 18 - CC4 is working fine but content is missing.
Answer: install content from the link of character creator 4 + 11gb content pack. given on vfxmed.
Problem 19 - I installed CC4.12 from vfxmed and it dont have the contents what do i do
Answer: install content from the link of character creator 4 + 11gb content pack. given on vfxmed.
Problem 20 - failed to connect to local database error
Answer: Open C:\ProgramData\Reallusion And run RLRunUtility exe If it's already running end the tree process and manually run it again Restart PC
Problem 21 - Here it's just buffering and when i click on Start nothing happens, but Ican click everything else The cursor is not visible but its just buffering endlessly it stopped buffering but still nothing happens when i click on start is it the firewall or host
Answer: You have to temporarily unblock the firewall & host so you can access the internet to start.
Problem 22 - where to extract contents and copy them?
Answer: Extract the contents & copy them to user/public/documents/reallusion/reallusion templates
this shit is tiring man Problem 23 - can I installl headshot program in some other directory than C:, lets say D:?
Answer: Yes but you may not be able to install plugins like headshot if your reallusion contents are placed in a dif drive.
Problem 24 - Add Meta Data To programdata folder
Answer: copy them to user/public/documents/reallusion/reallusion templates
Problem 25 - I have a question regarding the location of the Embed and Pack folder. The instruction says the Pack folder is inside the Embed folder.
C:\Users\Public\Documents\Reallusion\Reallusion Custom\Actor\Avatar Control\Headshot Morph 1000+\Embed\Pack But the in the zip file, the Pack and the Embed folders are in the same location. Should I move the Embed folder or not?
Answer:Check in your CC4 if the headshot sliders showed up by the right with the location it is now before you start talking about changing location importing or refreshing. Because if the sliders showed up already, then changing location, refreshing or import don't mean shit.